This body of works explores the tacit relationship between the spread of consumerist culture and the systematic decline of natural resources. This collection of cast forms deliberately recalls the processes of mass production yet my choice of materials (wood pulp, cement, aluminium, wood glue and paint) point to the environmental cost implicit in their creation. The arrangement of animals evokes a nostalgic park that encapsulates long-lost values and the need to reclaim a workable relationship with the natural world. The juxtaposition of the animals with the guardian figures printed on wood suggests that recuperation and conscious correction can only be found if we vigilantly guard against further intrusions.


Title: In-site. Size: Max. Height 34″
Materials: Wood pulp, cement, aluminium, wood glue, floor paint and reclaimed wood.

vulnerable guardians5
vulnerable guardians3
vulnerable guardians2
vulnerable guardians1
vulnerable guardians7

Title: Vulnerable Guardians.                                                                                                        Size: 20″x 14″x 1″, Materials: Digital print on reclaimed wood, floor paint.

In the Dark Rain2
In the Dark Rain1
In the Dark Rain6

Title: In the Dark Rain.

Materials: Paper pulp, white cement, clear paint. Size: 33″x37″x18″

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