A solo show in 2006, at Gallery Nature Morte New Delhi and Sakshi Gallery Mumbai.

Title; Feed Materials: Fibre glass, Astroturf, television sets hooked to live satellite feed,
Size  60” in height Year: 2006  
Title: Untitled’   Materials: steel polythene bags, fiberglass, straw  Size:  45” in height
Year: 2006
Title: ‘Processor’ Materials: Fibreglass, Astroturf, aluminium, found objects etc. Size: 72″ in height Year: 2006
‘Processor’ in detail
Title: Meal Materials: Ceramic crockery with transferred images, cloth, table Size; 36″x 60″x 36″ Year: 2005
‘Meal’ in detail
Title: ‘Input Output’ Materials: Mechanism for movement, plush toys, steel etc. Size: 75″x 60″x18″ Year: 2006
Input Output in detail
Title: Offsprings Materials: Fibreglass, wood, T.V.set(video 10 Minutes) and auto paint
Size: 41″ in Height Year: 2006
Title: The Other’ Materials: Digital print on epson archival paper, astroturf Size: 48″X32″X4″ year: 2006

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